Paintings in Progress at Topsail Beach

Sometimes we decide to create art, other times art decides to be created. Today was a day that a beautiful coastal cottage called to me. I started out my day working from the Jolly Roger Pier, but the sea breeze proved to be a bit too strong. Instead, I walked down the street, and decided to focus on a scene of the water tower with a bright turquoise beach cottage in the foreground. This is just one of the paintings I’m developing for an upcoming exhibition, opening on May 18, 2017 at ArtSource Fine Art in N. Hills, Raleigh. Please make plans to stop by the show in May!

Another Work for my ArtSource exhibition (and a shout-out to Dan)

To get you a little more excited about this exhibition, here’s another one of my works in progress: Godwin’s Grocery Store on S. Anderson Blvd. in Topsail Beach, NC. Even as the day moved on, the wind refused to die down. I secured my easel with lines and a heavy sandbag, but to no avail. Someone actually stopped and offered to hold my easel while I finished what I needed on location. Amazing.

“Thank You Dan Cope!”

Dan turned into my hero by holding my easel and supporting the arts. What a gift, it made me remember that sometimes we find goodness even in the most windy and turbulent times.

Est. in 1978, Godwin’s Market is a favorite stop at the beach for ice, pop, snacks and even dinner.

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