Sharon R. Bass is one of the South's exciting new artists. Her work is unique in a number of ways, but a defining difference is that she paints en plein air. Working on location allows her to experience the richness of her subject, its surroundings, sounds, smells, and happenings that come together to make it what it is. Her paintings tell a story that can only be learned through the patience of being there.

Sharon’s paintings are colorful and exuberant. Her style is fresh, bold, and not overly bound by time or reality. Her paintings do not dictate, rather they interpret and they provide a ‘first step’ in an imaginative visual journey. From the quiet beauty of expansive salt marshes against deep blue skies to time worn storefronts, each has a rich story to tell. 

Growing up in Asheville, NC and surrounded by the expansive beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, her talents for painting were revealed and inspired. Her natural talents earned her a full scholarship to one of the country’s finest art schools in New York City. During her education she took a year on her own to live in Paris, France and take in the beauty, culture, and art afforded by this unique city.

After graduation, Sharon began a career in commercial art. Her twelve years in New York and Boston, MA afforded unlimited access to world-class museums filled with paintings that inspired and sustained her hopes of painting once again. Following a move to Raleigh, NC and marriage to a wonderful man, she took the bold step to change her career and pursue painting full time.

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