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Old Town Bakery

Key West, FL

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Beaufort, NC

Ladies Que for Ferry Tickets

studio STUDY/SKETCH for painting above

Sally Takes a Good Look


St. Mary’s Chapel

Raleigh, NC

Des Livres & Delices

Five Points, Raleigh

Amen St. Restaurant

Charleston, SC

Cassis Harbor at Dusk

Cassis, France

Topsail Beach Water Tower

Topsail Island, NC

Aqua Restaurant

Beaufort, NC

Crossroads Grocery

Eastern NC

Little Shrimper, Bright Sky

Marshallberg, NC

Backlit Trees and Goldenrod

Provence, France

La Madelène

Provence, France

The Island Grill

Atlantic Beach, NC

Palms Over Maho Bay

St. John, USVI

Coral Cottage and Live Oaks

Morehead City, NC

Big Oak Drive-in

Pine Knoll Shores, NC