A gorgeous day on the Ligurian coast! Although my Hotel Elena in Recco offers a wonderful breakfast & terrific views of the Recco Harbor, I wanted to get OUT early this morning and walk to the nearby plaza to experience the people and local color. At La Perla Cafe I ordered a double cappuccino and read the paper. I’ve included pictures here of the downtown markets. Look at the sun on the pastel buildings!
It’s low 70’s and a perfect day for just about anything. After taking more pictures and hesitating somewhat, I finally started a large canvas on the promenade – combining several elements you can see in the photos. No pics yet of the paintings. However, do note a photo of an old B&W photo – displayed at the Hotel – of the promenade in the 1920’s?? It’s fun to compare old with new.
Tomorrow, with no Sunday service in English, I’m considering a drive to nearby Portofino with my paint gear for the day. We’ll see if the weather is friendly and I’ll be in touch.

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